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Rent Party Donates Sound Treatment to Maplewood’s The Woodland

The following is from Rent Party:

When Rent Party moved into The Woodland two years ago, they knew that the first challenge they would face would be the acoustics in the building. “Look,” says Rent Party founder Chris Dickson, “It’s a very live room, designed for acoustic performances, from a bygone era. We knew that coming in and have done a few things to help mitigate that.” Last year, Rent Party secured 15 professional-grade sound baffles that they use for their shows. “It made a big difference and took a lot of rumble out of the room, but there was still room for improvement,” says Dickson.

So they enlisted local “community carpenter” Tom Nevius, along with their sound technician, Scott Anthony, and designed and built 18 large sound baffles that will live year-round in the balcony of The Woodland, improving sound for not just Rent Party events, but other functions as well. Nevius is the carpenter that keeps Dickens Village looking great year after year and Anthony owns a local recording/mastering studio. “These guys helped us save thousands of dollars by going the DIY route,” added Dickson. The baffles will be finished with black cloth and will be portable, so The Woodland can use them for functions in other parts of the building.

“Rent Party is thrilled to call The Woodland our home and want to be good guests. We think this acoustic treatment will help the sound inside and out,” said Dickson. Rent Party also monitors the sound levels outside the building with a decibel meter during their events to insure they comply with local noise ordinances. “We also want to be good neighbors,” said Dickson. Rent Party also takes steps after each show to insure their guests leave the building quietly and in an orderly fashion. “Our audiences are the best and they understand that we are part of this community. Folks behave,” said Dickson.

Mayor Vic DeLuca added, “We are happy for this initiative by Rent Party. It is important The Woodland is a good neighbor when events are held. The Township also will be installing some sound installation on the doors and windows. Thank you, Rent Party, for your efforts to make the building better.”

Rent Party is a once-a-month live music event at The Woodland. The proceeds from these shows help fight hunger in Maplewood-South Orange. Rent Party is a 501(c)(3). For more information, visit

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