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South Orange Health & Fitness Challenge: All You Need to Know

When participants in the first-ever South Orange Health & Fitness Challenge arrive at the Baird Center on Thursday, January 15, they’ll be greeted with a smile, a t-shirt, and a scale.

The Challenge Steering Committee, which includes trustees Sheena Collum and Stephen Schnall, Kate Schmidt and Pete Travers from the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, South Orange Village Center Alliance’s Bob Zuckerman, and Community Volunteer Dr. Hugh Snyder, will provide the smiles. “We’re all very excited to launch this program for its inaugural year and are committed to building a community of support behind each of you to help you reach your weight loss and overall wellness goals,” said the Committee in a statement sent to all participants.

The scale is for the monthly weigh-in. Weigh-ins will occur on the third Thursday of every month of the challenge between 7am-10pm at the Baird Community Center. No appointments are necessary, and individual weights are not made public. (Dates are listed below.)

And participants will receive limited-edition t-shirts on Thursday along with a card. The card will allow participants access to local businesses that are offering related promotions.

“Approximately half of our contestants are competing as individuals and half of our contestants have signed up to be on teams,” according to the Committee members. Monthly prizes are based on percentage of weight loss compared to the previous weigh-in. “For example,” explains the committee,” if your initial weigh in is 200 pounds and by February 19, you’ve lost 10 pounds, your March weight will be compared against the 190 you weighed in February (not your initial starting weight of 200 pounds) in determining your weight-loss percentage. “

A grand prize will be awarded to the top male and female from the individuals category, and all contestants on the winning team.

The Steering Committee additionally invites volunteers to join the Steering Committee. Volunteers do not have to be participants in the Challenge.

Finally, participants are encouraged to share their progress with the community and online world. “Let’s get the chatter started. The hashtag for contestants in the challenge is #SOFit15. Here’s a great way to get the conversation going and keep the community posted on what we’re up to and how it’s going!”

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, email at [email protected] The Steering Committee will be working through email and will meet once a month from 5pm-6pm on weigh-in days.

Weigh-in Dates: Baird Center, 7pm – 10pm

· Thursday, January 15
· Thursday, February 19
· Thursday, March 19
· Thursday, April 16
· Thursday, May 21
· Thursday, June 18

Hashtag: #SOFit15

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