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Gift of the Day: Stia Bracelets at Perch Home Make Everyone Shine

Stia Bracelets from Perch Home
Stia Bracelets from Perch Home

Maplewood’s Perch Home owner Michele Bessey wants you to sparkle this holiday season. She’s liking Stia Couture’s shiny and innovative bracelets for anyone who likes to shine.

The idea for these bracelets came to Stia founder and Morristown resident Christina Fiorentino Young when her first son was born, and she began to design them when her boy would nap. As a hat tip to working moms everywhere, Bessey is sharing Stia Couture Jewelry with Maplewood/South Orange.

Handmade in the USA and established in 2013, Stia first launched on ETSY.COM and features elegant, statement-stone pieces with delicate gold and sliver-tone bands. Set with turquoise and chalcedony accents, among other lovely semi-precious stones, Stia bracelets will be a stand-out under the tree or as a thank-you to that helpful woman in your life who supports YOU in doing it all.

Mix and match or give just one to make your loved ones feel merry and bright. Stia bracelets are in the $30 range, just right for giving this holiday season.

Perch Home, 9 Highland Pl, Maplewood, NJ, (973) 821-4852

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