Maplewood’s Wellspring Health Collective: a Healing Sanctuary in the Suburbs

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Health practitioners and longtime friends Sue Rexford and Lynda Rountree each spent decades working in private practices in the healing arts but dreamt of one day being able to offer an array of restorative services under one roof.

In June of 2012, the therapists teamed up to open Wellspring Health Collective. Rountree recalls that when she and Rexford first saw the space at 697 Valley St. in Maplewood that would become their business’ new home “a light bulb went off” and they knew it was time to make their dream a reality.

Three years after launching their venture, the duo couldn’t be happier with where they’re headed. Striving to be a one-stop-shop for wellness, the center features massage, psychotherapy, acupuncture, life coaching, chiropractics, Somatics and nutritional counseling, with a focus on continuing education and support.

To that end, Rexford and Rountree are thrilled to have the opportunity to host a six-week series on health and wellness topics that are frequently overlooked. The events, which kicked off May 21 with Breast Fest, led by Cheryl Chapman, a pioneer in the field of cancer massage therapy, are free to the public and take place each Thursday at 7 p.m.

“We can’t even tell you how excited we are,” says Rountree. “We have very interesting, different topics and we’re very lucky to be sponsored by Mark Slade and Lisa Danbrot Keller Williams.”

Rexford says so far the feedback has been “fabulous” and, in keeping with their philosophy: To serve and inspire, the owners hope to continue and expand upon these discussions in the fall.

“It’s been a really exciting addition to our offerings,” she continues, adding that they look forward to taking a deeper dive into these topics, possibly with multi-day workshops. “We also hope to do more promotion of alternative health care and foster discussions. People are sometimes confused and don’t understand the necessity (of holistic mind-body therapies). One of our jobs is to make nutrition, massage, and acupuncture all part of our health care lexicon.”

Speaking of acupuncture, Roundtree says Wellspring plans to host Tuesday and Thursday acupuncture clinics.

“You can stop in for a 15-minute tune-up,” she says. “No one else in the area is doing anything like that.”

Making Wellspring a place for those seeking not just physical and mental wellness, but emotional comfort as well is also a priority. In time, Rexford and Rountree plan to establish various support groups for those undergoing cancer treatment, experiencing bereavement, or navigating divorce.

After successfully assembling the “nuts and bolts” of their business model, the entrepreneurial pair is eyeing the future filled with pride and potential.

“It’s really wonderful to have all of these extremely seasoned therapists all under one roof,”  says Rountree. “Everyone is extremely supportive of one another. It’s exciting. Community Thursdays has gotten off the ground and looks like it’s doing very well. We’re very excited because it’s something we’d hoped to accomplish for a while.”

For more information, visit wellspring’s website, call 973.996.2012 or email


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