South Orange Pop ‘N Shop Is Drawing Big Crowds

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The Holiday Pop ‘N Shop in South Orange Village Center is doing big business.

So said Matt Glass, Chair of the South Orange Village Center Alliance, which is sponsoring the temporary store. Glass said that the shop, designed to draw more shoppers to the Village Center during the all-important holiday season, averaged $2,000 in sales per day during its first weekend Dec. 3-6.

Popular wares from comic book graphic coasters, to scarves, to custom bowties are hot sellers. More than 20 local crafters and artisans are selling items at the shop.

Glass put us in touch with two of the store’s top vendors.

TieBro is a husband and wife team made up of Noel Gregory and Ericka Fuller of Maplewood. Noel’s love of men’s fashion and Ericka’s love of vintage clothing came together and they gave birth to handmade men’s bowties made from up-cycled clothing. They searched all over looking for unique and stylish clothing and fabrics to design and repurpose. Of the Pop ‘N Shop, Noel said, “It’s so cool to see our neighbors wearing our ties and telling us how much they like our style. It’s nice to be well received in your own backyard.”

South Orange Bow Ties Bowties

Crazy Cool Comics uses vintage comic books to create unique amazing art pieces and gifts. Big sellers at the Pop ‘N Shop are the comic-themed drink coasters. But there are other clever items such as a gas lamps and tree ornaments.

“They are truly one of a kind!” said Denise Hayden, one of the two local artists who is a partner in Crazy Cool Comics. Hayden is a South Orange native who’s actively involved in the town.  She teaches art classes at the Baird and enrichment classes at most of the schools. She is the owner of Funky Fun Art. Hayden said that if you don’t see something you like at the Pop ‘N Shop, Crazy Cool Comics is also accepting custom requests — “So tell us your favorite comics!”

Pop 'N Shop Christmas Ornament Crazy Cool Comics

Hayden’s partner in comic art is Robyn Brody-Kaplan, who’s been living in South Orange with her wife and three kids for the past 10 years. “I’ve always been a comic/cartoon lover/frustrated artist,” said Brody-Kaplan. “I saw this cool stuff at comic con with my son and I figured hey we can do it. Look we did and it’s awesome!”

The South Orange Holiday Pop ‘N Shop is opened from noon to 8 p.m. Thursday, December 10; Friday, December 11; Saturday, December 12; and Sunday, December 13. The store is located at 65 South Orange Avenue in the heart of South Orange Village Center.

Click on any photo below to see a slideshow of items for sale at the South Orange Holiday Pop ‘N Shop.

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