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WATCH: After Last Minute Cancellation, Volunteer Steps Up to Sing Nat’l Anthem at Maplewood Fireworks

Every note wasn’t perfect, but it had all the feels.

Vanessa Shaw stepped in at the last minute to sing the national anthem at the Maplewood 4th of July fireworks on Tuesday night. It was a brave and noble thing to do with no notice and no practice, especially since the Star-Spangled Banner is a notoriously difficult song with a range of one-and-a-half octaves.

Shaw took it on, nonetheless, belting out the anthem with a sweet and strong voice that had the crowd cheering by the end.

Here’s what photographer and videographer Greg Burrus wrote on Facebook:

Thank You Vanessa Shaw!!! Big Time. After one crazy looooong day when things went smooth and things went crazy we found ourselves without a national anthem singer to sum up the Maplewood 4th of July on the Memorial Park South Field. The goal was to help us inaugurate the brand new Stop And Shop Live Music Stage, deliver a tribute to those who had served our country, keep those hundred plus folks on the field happy and of course introduce one awesome fireworks spectacular. So we scrambled here and there and 15 minutes before show time we actually found someone who knew someone and boom we had a National Anthem Singer. With no practice 10 minutes of prep time Virginia Shaw stepped up to the mic and performed a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem. THANK YOU AGAIN Virginia Shaw for making a wonderful day even better, for saving us, gracing us with your voice and you now have a free lifetime pass to the Maplewood 4th of July Festival.

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