Davis-Ford: South Orange Needs Schnall, Clarke and Hilton as Trustees

Dear Editor,

It is with the utmost enthusiasm that I endorse Steve Schnall, Walter Clarke and Karen Hilton for Village Trustees.

As a sitting member of the Board of Trustees, an African-American woman, and a 23-year resident of this community, I would be remiss if I did not emphasize the myriad of ways in which these candidates have worked to support diversity in our community. I have had the pleasure of working with Trustee Clarke on the Community Coalition on Race to maintain a thriving, integrated, and inclusive community. Similarly, I can attest to the diversity that Trustee Schnall has brought to our community through his efforts as the Board liaison to SOPAC and the Community Relations Committee. His devotion to diversity and arts in our community is manifest in his work as the founder and producer of the annual SouthNext arts festival, where numerous musical and visual artists from diverse backgrounds showcase their work.

I have also witnessed the exemplary work that Karen Hilton has done as the President of the South Orange Public Library. As president, she spearheaded the planning process for the revitalization of our existing library and the creation of the South Orange Public Library Foundation, of which she is the founding president. Karen is the founding executive director for Emerge New Jersey—a nonprofit organization that identifies, trains and encourages women to run for public office. Throughout her tenure at emerge Karen has been an integral part of recruitment and program development. Her tireless work has helped empower countless women from diverse backgrounds to assume influential roles in their communities.

I look forward to seeing these candidates continue to enrich our community. I encourage you to vote Line B for the entire South Orange 2017 team – Schnall, Clarke, Hilton – on May 9th.

Deborah Davis-Ford

South Orange Trustee

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