Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education Election

Tuesday, November 7 is election day (find your polling place here).

Eight candidates are vying for three seats on the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. The Board is a 9-member body, with three seats coming up for election each November. Elections are non-partisan.

The eight candidates are: Board of Education President Elizabeth Baker and running mate Robin Johnson BakerShannon CuttleFelisha George and Avery Julien (running mates), Anthony MazzocchiSheila Shidnia, and incumbent Donna Smith. Click on names to read or view candidate statements.

Numerous candidates forums were held through the campaign season. With the help of Joy Yagid and SOMAtv, Village Green posted video of five forums and transcribed questions (with time stamps) for three of those forums:

The News-Record of South Orange and Maplewood also posted stories covering the following forums: Hilton Neighborhood Association, League of Women Voters, and South Orange Maplewood Cares About Schools.

Letters and opinion pieces submitted by and for candidates to Village Green are as follows:

Elizabeth Baker and Robin Johnson Baker

Baker & Baker Run in BOE Election

Elizabeth Baker and Robin Johnson Baker received letters of endorsement from Daniela LaValva and Regina Schaefer, David Huemer, Amy Higer, Beth Daugherty, Lisa E. Davis and Leslie M. Kantor, Shawn Grain Carter, Frank and Marie McGehee and Maureen Jones.

Elizabeth Baker also received letters of endorsement from Laura Booker and Mike Donoghue.

Shannon Cuttle

BOE Candidate Shannon Cuttle

Cuttle received letters of endorsement from Danielle Perotta, Steve Mershon (their campaign manager), Rob McGrath and Catherine Maranto, David Huemer, Beth Daugherty, Reverend Janyce Jackson Jones, Frank and Marie McGehee and Rachel Fisher.

Felisha George and Avery Julien

Avery Julien and Felisha George

George and Julien received a letter of endorsement from Johanna Wright,

Tony Mazzocchi 

Anthony Mazzocchi (credit Rob Davidson)

Mazzocchi received letters of endorsement from Johanna Wright, Felisha George and Avery Julien, Tom Kerns, James H. Davis III, Nureed Saeed and Tricia Tunstall.

Mazzocchi also wrote an opinion piece:

OPINION: 4 Reasons Why BOE Candidate Mazzocchi Is Not Just ‘The Art and Music Guy’

Sheila Shidnia

Sheila Shidnia

No letters of recommendation for Sheila Shidnia were sent to Village Green.

Donna Smith

Donna Smith for BOE

Smith received letters of endorsement from Marian Cutler, Madhu PaiIngrid Wickelgren, Wayne Eastman, Mike Donoghue, James Nathenson, Walter Clarke, Sabine Hack, Mark Rosner Jennifer Crohn, Morrisa da Silva and Andrew Lee.

Smith also wrote four opinion pieces:

Smith: What Kind of Superintendent Does South Orange-Maplewood Need?

Smith: Equity Means Believing Each Child Has the Capacity to be Successful

Smith: South Orange-Maplewood Must Make Facilities Planning a Priority

On Climate and Culture in Our School District

In addition:

South Orange Village President Sheena Collum wrote a summation of the candidates here.

SOMA Justice posted a score card for candidates here.

Felisha George and Avery Julien announced the launch of their campaign website here.

Candidates responded to the Special Education Parents Advisory Committee questionnaire here.

Jan Kaminsky of North Jersey Pride wrote, Letter: Misgendering Candidate Was a Dehumanizing Action.

Candidates reacted to a piece of negative campaign literature here.

In Conclusion

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