Letter: Adamson Understands What Our Schools Need

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Susie Adamson is a force of nature—indefatigable, positive, smart, and enthusiastic. I’ve known her since our boys were kindergarten pals at Seth Boyden. Now they’re sixth graders. Over the years, she’s done plenty to show me that she’d be a tremendous asset on our Board of Ed. I’m writing today to share my reasons with you.

First of all, she really understands our communities. The daughter of immigrants and the parent of mixed-race children, Susie knows that our racial, cultural and economic diversity is both our challenge and our great gift.

Secondly, if she shows even a fraction of the dedication and industriousness she displayed with the PTA, our towns will be better for it. When she was our PTA President, and later co-President of the PTA Presidents’ Council, I grew to almost fear her because I knew if we crossed paths, I’d be corralled into volunteering for something. Do not underestimate her leadership skills; her powers of persuasion alone can rally legions. No matter how many she recruited, however, Susie was always standing beside us working just as hard or harder.

I adore her candor—she does her homework and knows the power of clarity. Many times I’ve been at meetings with her and she’s boiled an issue down to a forceful point. Susie understands how interconnected all our schools are, and how vital it is that all our children equally receive a strong education. Best of all, she sees the potential in each of us, student and parent alike. Through her own example, she shows us parents how we can find more time in our lives to do more, and to do better, and through her leadership she will raise the bar for all of our children. She understands that our schools need lots of tenacious attention, and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and work.

I’m voting for Susie on November 8. I hope you will too.

Alix Clyburn

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