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LETTER: Deborah Davis Ford Is Courageous Woman Who Will Get Things Done

To the editor:

I have lived in the Village of South Orange for 19 years. During that time I have come to know Deborah Davis Ford as a remarkable, courageous woman.

Deborah was the first African American and female to serve as president of the Newark Rotary. She has helped grow several successful multi-million dollar businesses, who in turn provided jobs and opportunities throughout the state of New Jersey.  Deborah is a woman of courage and is one of a kind.  She’s a groundbreaker and does things that other people cannot and would not venture to do.

Here in South Orange we understand that it takes a village and Deborah Davis Ford is the voice that will bring people together and get things done.

Deborah has spent her residency in South Orange defending and advocating for those who cannot always speak for themselves. She is also committed to making our school system the best in the state and has true sensitivity for our senior citizens as well as the disabled in our community.

She is also a straight shooter; you always know where Deborah stands, as she does not mince words. And if she does not agree with you, she is still willing to listen and learn, which is so important.

Although no decisions have been made on the consolidation of the fire department, it is admirable that Deborah has stood-by and stood-up for them knowing that they put their lives on the line every day.  And those who serve us need to know that they have our support.

That is why we need Deborah now more than ever.


Rabbi Dr. Fran Reibman,
South Orange

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