Letter: Donna Smith has Ideas, Experience and Discipline for BOE

To the Editors:

I enthusiastically support Donna Smith for re-election to the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education.

Donna believes in challenging every student, no matter his or her background, talents and interests. She calls for the continued availability of high-level classes for ambitious students as well as programs tailored to those who have special needs or excel in nonacademic areas. It is a vision that assumes that students are not all the same but that each of them has a gift.

Donna Smith for BOE

Donna championed the district’s Access & Equity Policy, which empowers all students to choose the courses they wish take. It is a step toward individualized instruction, an ideal in which each student is able to learn at their own pace.

Donna’s warmth, intelligence and openness are also huge assets in a board member. Donna brings her own willingness to learn to every discussion. She has assembled local citizen-experts to serve as a sounding board for new ideas in education. She calmly listens to other people’s views. Her frustration only emerges when others may be acting in a way that stalls progress.

Donna has the ideas, experience and discipline needed to move our schools, and each of our students, toward a brighter future. Please join me in voting for her for our Board of Education on November 7.

Ingrid Wickelgren

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