SOMA Action & NJ7 Forward Plan Tax Day Protest Caravan April 15

On Sunday, April 15, SOMa Action and NJ7 Forward, two New Jersey-based grassroots organizations, will lead a caravan protest through three towns in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional district.

The protest, titled “Happy Tax Scam Day!”, according to the groups, is part of a nationally organized day of protest to “demand an end to the GOP Tax Bill,” which the groups say, will “raise taxes for 92 million middle-class families, rip away health care from 13 million people, and threaten life-saving programs—all to give tax breaks to millionaires.”  The groups also contend that the bill hits New Jersey harder than many other states.

The protest will include a caravan of decorated cars that will travel through Millburn, Springfield and Westfield where protesters will stop to hand out flyers and register people to vote. SOMa Action and NJ7 Forward are seeking to unseat Rep. Leonard Lance, a Republican, in the midterm elections.

Amy Higer, a member of SOMa Action’s Financial Conflicts of Interest and Anti-Corruption Committee, which initiated the event, explained: Tax Day 2018 is an opportunity to remind voters how terrible the GOP tax bill is for our state, and to let people know that if they want change, they have to vote on November 6 for a new Congressional majority. The 2018 midterm elections will finally give citizens a way to voice our outrage for the epic failure of the Republican Party to hold the Trump administration accountable for its massive financial corruption and conflicts of interests. We will vote them out.”

Those who wish to participate can meet up at Clinton Elementary School parking lot, 27 Berkshire Road, Maplewood on Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 a.m.

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