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South Orange-Maplewood BOE 2018 Election Results: Cuttle, Maini & Farfan Lead, with Greene Close Behind

Updated: With 97% of districts reporting, only 36 votes separate 3rd place (Javier Farfan) and 4th place (Narda Chisholm-Greene). Meanwhile, Annemarie Maini and Shannon Cuttle, in 1st and 2nd place, respectively, seem assured of wins.

With 11 candidates on the ballot (3 withdrew but not before the ballots were created), South Orange-Maplewood voters had plenty of choices for this year’s 3 slots up for election on the Board of Education.

With 94% of districts reporting, the result is still not certain: Shannon Cuttle and Annemarie Maini look to have safe leads. However, Javier Farfan — who ran on a ticket with Maini — is just 65 votes ahead of Narda Chisholm-Greene. Greene’s running mate, Mike Laskowski, trails in 5th place.

The three top vote-getters will be sworn into their 3-year terms in January. There are nine members of the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. Three seats come up for re-election each year.

Results are being posted on the Essex County Clerk’s Office website 

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