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Trustee Walter Clarke Endorses Sheena Collum for South Orange Village President

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge my fellow South Orange residents to vote on May 14th for Sheena Collum for Village President. As someone who has worked closely with Sheena as a Village Trustee for the past 6 years, I can attest to her integrity as a leader, tireless work ethic, commitment to transparency, and complete dedication to improving South Orange in any way possible.

Sheena is unique in her ability to maintain a long-term vision for South Orange while still being able to manage the day-to-day. She is always looking for cost savings and shared service opportunities to keep tax increases under 2% each year (despite non-discretionary costs being greater than 2%), while at the same time ensuring that a new Master Plan is undertaken with input from the entire town. She has created a path to meeting South Orange’s affordable housing requirements while also regularly negotiating with developers to bring in new investment that benefit South Orange taxpayers. She consistently advocates on every level to create policies that keep South Orange an inclusive community and finds time to inspire children’s groups to do the same. She lobbies the state government for the Gateway Tunnel project and greater spending on NJTransit infrastructure while also advocating for improved service to our residents now.

These examples are just a small sample of what she has accomplished in a short time and just a small expression of what is possible under her leadership. I encourage any one interested in casting a knowledgeable vote to spend a few minutes on her website, sheenacollum.com, if you want to really appreciate all that she has done for our community. Every vote counts in our local elections, so please make the effort to vote on May 14 and join me in casting your vote for Sheena Collum for Village President.


Walter Clarke

[Note: Clarke’s views are his own. The South Orange Village Board of Trustees does not endorse candidates.]

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