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N&K Prime Market Brings Gourmet Meats, Polish Foods to Springfield Avenue

If you are one of the many who thought SOMA needed a nice butcher shop, your wish was granted. N&K Prime Market offers many cuts of fresh meat, as well as smoked meats and deli selections. They have an entire wall with dried, smoked sausages. And there’s a bonus. Because this butcher shop is also a Polish gourmet market, you’ll find traditional kielbasa, cold cuts, and handmade pierogi.

At lunchtime, you see customers lining up for the hot take-out meal, priced at a very reasonable $7.99. The weekly menu hasn’t been set yet, but for now Monday’s selection is juicy ribs with meat so tender it almost melts in your mouth. It comes with generous sides, including mashed potatoes and pierogi. “And we always serve fresh, green vegetables with our meals,” said co-owner Teddy Niedzielski. “We try to make sure our meals are healthy as well as delicious.”

The line of customers in the store confirms the “delicious” part. And the chatter in both English and Polish leads you to believe these gourmet foods are authentic, too.

Cousins Niedzielski and Ariusz “Aries” Kornacki opened N&K Prime Market Place two weeks ago at 1899 Springfield Avenue, in the former Piast meats location, and customers crowded in as soon as the doors first opened. 

“This business runs in our family,” said Niedzielski. “My grandfather and father were butchers, and my cousin and I both love doing this.”

Niedzielski and Kornacki both worked at Piast Polish Gourmet Market for years before deciding they had enough knowledge and experience to start their own business.

The experience paid off because the store offers a long glass display case showcasing gorgeous, thick cuts of beef, pork and chicken. The meats look like they have been cut and arranged by a food stylist. There are fresh sausages and marinated meats ready to throw on the grill or in the oven.

“My favorite thing in the store are the pork chops,” said Niedzielski. “Pork chops are tricky because they can dry out, but ours are mouthwatering.”

They should have a hot food menu by the end of the month, but you won’t go wrong if you wander in and try whatever today’s selection is. Even if it’s not pork chop day, it’s bound to be pyszne. That’s Polish fortasty.”

N&K Prime Marketplace

1899 Springfield Ave.

Maplewood, NJ 07040

Phone: 973-821-9430


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

Sunday 10am-1pm

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