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2018 South Orange-Maplewood BOE Candidates Weigh in on Special Education

From the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) Executive Board:

Top l to r: Mike Laskowski, Narda Chisholm-Greene, Annemarie Maini, Javier Farfan. Bottom l to r: Marian Cutler, Christopher Trzaska, Shannon Cuttle, Bruno Navarro.

October 2018

To the South Orange-Maplewood Community,

We are pleased to share with you these 2018 Board of Education candidate statements on special education. We thank all the candidates for taking the time to share their perspectives.

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is not a political organization, and it does not endorse candidates in any election. This presentation is intended solely to assist voters by presenting candidate views on issues related to special education. The views expressed herein are the candidates’ own.

The candidates were invited to provide written statements in the form of responses to two questions. The attached responses are presented in alphabetical order by candidate name.

  1. What would you like SEPAC members to know about your experience and priorities regarding special education?
  2. Special Education Administration has begun taking several steps to improve services in district schools with the goal of reducing reliance on out-of-district placements to serve our most at-risk students. What are your thoughts on these steps, and what should the Administrations priorities be?

We encourage you to reach out to individual candidates with any questions regarding their responses, and we encourage you to share this presentation with community members who might have an interest in special education. An electronic copy will be available on SEPAC’s website at http://sepacsoma.org.

Please visit the website to learn more about special education in SOMA and to sign up to receive regular notices of SEPAC meetings and activities.

But most importantly, we encourage all eligible voters to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 6th.


The SEPAC Executive Board

Download (DOCX, 394KB)

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