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Gas Station Robbery, South Orange Man Arrested for Thefts at University Liquors

The following is from the South Orange Police Blotter, which is updated regularly by South Orange Police Department on southorange.org. Visit here.

A 54-year-old South Orange resident was arrested on 4-12-16 at approximately 8:00am after Detectives discovered that he was responsible for several thefts that occurred at University liquors located on South Orange Ave. The subject was processed accordingly and given a summons to appear in court for the alleged offenses.

Criminal Mischief
A realtor stated that she was preparing to host an open house for a dwelling on Irving Ave. on 4-12-16 when at approximately 11:40am she observed a Hispanic male approximately 5’8″ in height wearing a grey hooded denim parka damaging the glass to the side door. The actor fled the scene on foot upon being observed. No entry was gained into the dwelling.

Robbery/gas station
An employee at a gas station located on Irvington Ave. stated that on Tuesday 4-12-16 at approximately 11:00pm an actor described as a short black male dressed in all black with his face covered approached him and demanded his money while brandishing what appeared to be some type of long firearm possibly a shotgun. The victim turned over some cash to the actor and the actor fled the scene on foot and was observed running through some adjacent yards. Responding officers canvassed the area with negative results. The Detective Bureau is actively investigating the incident.

Burglary to garage
On 4-13-16 at approximately 4:00am officers responded to a Charlton Ave. residence an alarm call and upon responding discovered that an unlocked car in the driveway had been entered and the remote to open the garage door had been accessed.The actor had then removed a female’s bicycle that was stored inside and fled the scene. An officer that had responded to the scene observed the actor that is described as being a black male and engaged same in a foot pursuit after the actor had dropped the bicycle. The actor was unable to be apprehended and was last seen running through rear yards in the city of Orange.

Three juveniles, two from Maplewood and one from South Orange were arrested on 4-10-16 at approximately 2:15pm after witnesses observed them exiting a vacant building on Academy St. The subjects were arrested after they fled the scene on foot when officers arrived. The juveniles lead the responding officers on a foot pursuit through several streets and backyards before being apprehended. All of the juveniles were transported to police headquarters and processed accordingly.



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