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Farrell Field Neighbors Urged to Attend South Orange Safety Mtg After 2 Recent Accidents

Two recent automotive accidents near Lenox Avenue and Ridgewood Road in South Orange are spurring neighbors to call for a strong community presence at Tuesday night’s South Orange Public Safety meeting.

No one was seriously injured in the accidents, but a fence on a corner property was reduced to splinters in the first accident and incident left residents fearful of what could have happened if anyone was in the yard at the time of the accident.

An email sent by organizers of the Farrell Field Park Conservancy stated, “This past Friday there was another potentially fatal crash at the same spot identified by FFPC’s Transportation Safety Committee as a dangerous intersection. Attached is a  photo of the crash site, where a car again was hit and spun out, this time demolishing the fence and yard of the corner house.”

The email also included photos of a Halloween party that took place two weeks earlier in the yard where the car broke through the fence.

“Looking at the photos, you can envision the tragedy that would have happened if this crash occurred during the party,” read the email. “This is NOT an isolated incident at this corner. In fact, another accident occurred there yesterday [Sunday, November 19]. The high number of crashes have been documented and presented to the Village. This particular location — at the corner of Ridgewood and Lenox Avenue (a popular cut-through street) was the subject of much debate last year when our transportation safety committee proposed a solution.”

The email called on neighbors to attend the South Orange Public Safety meeting at the South Orange Municipal Offices at 76 South Orange Avenue, 3rd Floor, on Tuesday, November 21, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

“We at FFPC have been working with the Village to calm traffic and remedy problems in the neighborhood near Farrell Field Park, especially because the lives of our children are put at risk. We are grateful that the Village works with us to make the streets safer for everyone, but they need public support and input, so  we urge everyone who is concerned about the dangers at this corner or any spot in South Orange to come.”

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