S. Orange Police Crack Down on Traffic Violations Near Marshall School

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South Orange Police will assign extra patrols to the area of Marshall School beginning Monday, in response to numerous complaints about traffic safety issues near the school.

Read more in this statement issued by the police department:

We have received many complaints regarding traffic issues at and around Marshall School, mainly during drop off/pick up times. There are also concerns about parking in general. We understand that children must make it into school and that employees must park however the situation has shifted from mere inconveniences to hazardous conditions. Illegally parked cars prevent emergency vehicles from moving about, they create blind spots and make traffic lanes narrower. Vehicles that drop off and pick up without finding a proper location pose a safety threat to the children they are transporting.

Enforcement will focus on times with the heaviest traffic, according to the notice. Police are asking residents to obey posted signs and general traffic laws, and to “use their best judgment when dropping off and picking up children.”

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