Police and Fire South Orange

South Orange Residents Report Attempted Robbery on Grove Road

Two South Orange Ave residents told police they were the victims of an attempted robbery on Sunday. At around 10:20 p.m., the two were walking on Grove Road when they were approached by approximately six men who asked them for money, according to the police blotter. The men walked away when the two said they didn’t have any money.

A few moments later, two men whom the victims believe were with the original group of six approached them again, one holding a blunt object that resembled a bat or a hockey stick, and again asked for money. The men then “patted” the victims down and when they realized there was nothing to steal, they ran away heading north on Grove Road, said police.

The victims described the man holding the blunt object as short, dark-skinned and wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  They described the second as tall and skinny, wearing jeans with no shirt.  Officers stopped two people nearby who matched the description, but they could not make a positive identification.  The detective bureau is investigating the incident.

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