Columbia High School Cancels 3rd Marking Period Quarterlies Due to School Closing

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From Jameel Misbahuddin, Grade 9-12 STEM Supervisor of the South Orange Maplewood School District:

Dear CHS Parents/Guardians and Students:

This letter is to inform you that 3rd marking period quarterlies, originally scheduled for April 1st – April 9th are CANCELLED due to the school closing.

Quarterlies exist for the classes listed below:

MATH COURSES: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & Precalculus

SCIENCE COURSES: Biology, Physics & Chemistry

For now, our plan is to still have a 4th Marking Period as scheduled in June. This test will count for 10% of students’ final grade as they do in all subjects that do not have quarterlies.

Copied below is the original letter I sent in September outlining quarterlies.

Thank you for your flexibility as we navigate the new parameters under which we are running school.

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As a reminder, please note the following important updates that have been communicated in district letters and in teachers’ google classrooms:

  • The deadline any work assigned from when we first closed school is April 3rd.
  • Our new school schedule begins April 1 st with periods 1, 3 & 5. Students must check in for all classes they have that day except for study hall and lunch.
  • Please remind your children to check their google classrooms and school email address for important updates from their teachers.

Thank you,

Jameel Misbahuddin

9-12 STEM Supervisor

South Orange & Maplewood School District

Columbia High School (A 307)

973-762-5600 ext 1204

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