Columbia High School Scholarship Fund Awards 129 Grants to Graduates

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The Columbia High School Scholarship Fund has awarded $248,710 in grants to 129 graduates this year to further their higher education.

“This is a record that we hope to exceed each year with your help,” the fund reported in its June newsletter.

The scholarships are helping past and present CHS grads studying in fields ranging from biomedical sciences, public relations, engineering, music, sports management, business, psychology, economics, nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, information technology, criminal justice, accounting, education, journalism and more.

Donate to CHSSF here. 

Scholars’ schools range from community college and technical school to Rutgers University, Montclair State, Howard, Ithaca, James Madison, Art Institute of Chicago, Binghamton, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Princeton, Morehouse, Spelman, California Polytech, St. Elizabeth’s, Seton Hall, Columbia University, Morgan State, Kean, Rensselear, Harvard School of Public Health, Rutgers Medical School and many more.

“As the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund approaches its 100th year of service to CHS seniors and graduates, we are astounded by the resilience of our students. During the past few years of Covid challenges, they have had to adapt to online learning and hybrid schedules. Despite these difficulties, they persevered and succeeded,” CHSSF announced in its June 2022 newsletter.

CHSSF shared a message from one of this year’s recipients, showing the important and life-changing nature of its work:

“I am so grateful to be able to receive this scholarship and for the kindness that my alma mater continues to extend to me. My family puts their all into ensuring that I can have a successful future and through your help, I can continue to make them proud. Education is so much more than a degree to me. It’s how I can repay my family for the sacrifices they made for me and one day give back to the people around me. My thanks goes out to the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow in my academic pursuits. Thank you so much. My family and I greatly appreciate it.” –Ashley F.

The Columbia High School Scholarship Fund is supported by contributions from individuals, community organizations such as the Maplewood Woman’s Club, the Garden Club and the Rotary Club, as well as sponsors. To donate to CHSSF, visit

The CHSSF video was produced and edited by Alonzo Gallo, CHS Class of 2025.

Some of the graduates featured in the video:



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