Letter to Editor: Student Endorses Malespina for Board of Ed

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To the Editor:

Mrs. Malespina was my librarian at SOMS. She is one of those teachers you remember and who I am still close to today. She is always checking in on her students even after we move on to High School. She is always listening to us and making sure we were doing our best and pushing us to do better and make smarter choices. She believe in listening and learning from the students, something that has been missing from our district for too long.

I’m excited that Mrs. Malespina is running for Board of Education. I’m sure she will bring the same energy and determination she showed her students to the Board of Education.

Knowing Mrs. Malespina as I do, she’s chosen to run with Marian Raab and Shannel Roberts because they also share her passion and drive. I hope you will support all of  them in their run for Board of Education.

On Tuesday November 3, please go and vote for Team SOMA 2015. If I could vote I would be voting for them! They will put students first!

Selah Marley
CHS Class of 2016


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