Columbia High Fencing Celebrates End to Safe Season, Girls Go Undefeated

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From Columbia High School Fencing:

In a time of great challenge for life and for sports, Columbia High School Fencing has reason to celebrate. Both boys and girls teams safely completed the season without stoppages due to COVID, and the girls went undefeated at 9-0 in one-on-one team matches.

“The girls were undefeated and one of the top teams in the state,” said Head Coach Daryl White, who noted, “The boys team had a good year (5-6). We didn’t have our usual record but the boys competed hard and were in every match.”

There were no big state tournaments this year. No Santelli (girls). No Centrulo (boys). No state finals. But CHS Fencing continued on in a responsible fashion, practicing and competing at “home” at the New Jersey Fencing Alliance in Maplewood.

“I think both teams and all of our fencers should be commended because with all the protocols in place because of COVID, we had a very successful season and the program made it through the season without any stoppages,” said White. “This is all because our athletes listened and followed all directions they were given to stay safe. All of our non varsity fencers showed great dedication to the team. Because of COVID the two novice tournaments were canceled but our non varsity team members faithfully came to practice every day and improved greatly. A special thank you to all of our parents for the support they give us.”

Standout individual fencers’ win-loss records include:

  • Ethan Fisk, Sabre, Senior, 18-12
  • Hank Mecinski, Foil, Senior 17-8
  • Shaine Hammarberg, Sabre, Senior 20-6
  • Ella Cervi, Sabre, Junior 15-5
  • Vivienne Clarke, Foil, Senior, 18-7
  • Phoebe Hill, Epee, Junior, 14-2
  • Maya Greenstein, Epee, Senior 20-4

CHS Fencing is led by head coaches Daryl White and Arthur “Doc” Paulina, assistant coaches Frank Mustilli and Ariana Wexler, and trainers Alejandra Teran, Sam Varon and Andrew Doddo.

Action photos by Peggy Finlayson and group photos by Nick Moramarco.

CHS 2021 Fencing roster:


  • Valentina Aquino, grade 12, sabre
  • Bronwyn Bak, grade 9, epee
  • Lillian Bak, grade 11, epee
  • Olivia Brash, grade 12, epee
  • Layla Brissett, 11, foil
  • Ella Rose Cervi, 11, sabre
  • Vivienne Clarke, 12, foil
  • Bonnie Donachie, 10, foil
  • Jeslyn Ero, 10, foil
  • Gabrielle Felix, 11, manager
  • Harumi Garrison, 10, sabre
  • Maya Greenstein, 12, epee
  • Shaine Hammarberg, 12, sabre
  • Bridget Heindl, 10, foil
  • Phoebe Hill, 11, epee
  • Jessica Holdbrook, 10, sabre
  • Mila Janowski, 10, sabre
  • Emily Katoni, 11, foil
  • Lucy Mahoney, 9, epee
  • Susanna Mann, 11, foil
  • Louisa Maynard-Parisi, 12, sabre
  • Sophia Mikaszewski, 10, foil
  • Lindsey Minor, 10, epee
  • Allie Mishkin, 12 sabre
  • Clevielle Olarte, 10, sabre
  • Amelie Opdenberg, 12, foil
  • Evalyn Rhody, 11, epee
  • Stella Ryan, 9, foil
  • Katherine Spangler, 11, foil
  • Kaia Thelwell, 11, foil
  • Eleanor VandeVusse, 10, epee
  • Julia Wheeler, 9, sabre


  • Stephen Elias, 11, foil
  • Stanley Finlayson, 12, epee
  • Ethan Fisk, 12, sabre
  • Anthony Florio, 11, foil
  • Robert Goldman, 10, sabre
  • Noah Goldstein, 9, foil
  • Carlos Grodman, 10, foil
  • Aidan Haley, 11, epee
  • Gus Hempstead, 11, epee
  • James Lederman, 9, sabre
  • Troy Lee, 12, sabre
  • Jess Leger, 10, epee
  • Luca Long-Navarro, 9, sabre
  • Milo McGuffy, 11, sabre
  • Henrik (Hank) Mecinski, 12, foil
  • Jesser Pilato, 11, epee
  • Tristan Reynolds, 12, sabre
  • Carlos Sanchez, 9, sabre
  • Danny Shorter, 11, sabre
  • Marcus Wright, 12, foil

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