SOMA Women in Business — Dr. Davia Strachan, South Orange Dental Center

Last fall, Matters Magazine cel­ebrated women in the South Orange-Maplewood business community with a feature spread on “Women in Business.” These women represent a range of  professions – from architecture and beauty to speech pathology and financial services. In all, 26 women-owned businesses are profiled. See the original Matters Magazine feature here.

Village Green has partnered with Matters Magazine to give these local women entrepreneurs a digital platform and is posting each profile individually on our website during the month of March — Women’s History Month. Today, we celebrate:

Dr. Davia Strachan, South Orange Dental Center


Dr. Davia Strachan, South Orange Dental Center. Photo credit: Jamie Meier.

Why I do what I do
I love working with children and have wanted to be a dentist since I was 8 years old. Treating children allows me to do what I enjoy while helping someone grow and develop.

My favorite moments in my business
Being a pediatric dentist can be both challenging and rewarding. I see children at age 1 who are getting their first teeth. The child and their parents are often anxious but by the second or third visit that child is comfortable, happy and confident enough to sit in the dental chair on their own. Watching this progression is really rewarding to me and the families.

Favorite part of working locally
I’ve practiced in South Orange for over 20 years. My children grew up here and I feel like my patients and their parents are part of my family. It is amazing to watch patients mature from preschool to graduating from college. Some even have children now that I have the privilege of seeing for their first dental visit.


481 South Orange Avenue, South Orange

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