SOMA Women in Business — René Clawson, Clawson Architects

Last fall, Matters Magazine cel­ebrated women in the South Orange-Maplewood business community with a feature spread on “Women in Business.” These women represent a range of  professions – from architecture and beauty to speech pathology and financial services. In all, 26 women-owned businesses are profiled. See the original Matters Magazine feature here.

Village Green has partnered with Matters Magazine to give these local women entrepreneurs a digital platform and is posting each profile individually on our website during the month of March — Women’s History Month. Today, we celebrate:

René Clawson, Clawson Architects

René Clawson, Clawson Architects. Photo credit: Jamie Meier.

Why I do what I do
I believe that everyday life can be enriched through extraordinary design. As a residential architect and designer, I design smart solutions to ease my clients’ everyday lives. My work is informed by my real-life experiences: juggling a business; parental responsibilities; entertaining; and volunteering.

Favorite part of working locally
The people. Our residents cherish creativity, authenticity and individuality. This allows our firm to be creative as we develop solutions that address our clients’ needs and celebrate who they are, making each project unique.

My motto
“Have fun, too!” My younger self used to think, “When I get through this, then…” Over time, I learned it’s the journey. So, whatever I am doing I remember to build in the fun along the way.


511 Valley Street, Maplewood
clawsonarchitects.com | clawsoncabinets.com

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