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Maplewood Makos ‘Swim4Food’ Benefits Rent Party

The Maplewood Makos Swim Team hit the Maplewood Community Pool early this morning to raise funds for a good cause.

“Every year we do a Swim-a-Thon to raise money for a cause that speaks to our swimmers,” said Jane Ehlers, Makos Head Coach. “Since we collect cans of food and toiletries at every home meet for a program called ‘Swim4Food,’ Rent Party fit well with our theme of food insecurity for the season, and it made it so much better that it was a local cause!”

Rent Party is a live music series based in Maplewood and South Orange that raises money to help fight hunger in the community. Find out more about Rent Party at

“To raise money, Makos swimmers solicited donations from friends, family, neighbors and even coaches. They can receive pledges per lap or receive a pledge of a flat amount, then they come at normal practice time (7AM) and swim as much as they can!” said Ehlers.

Swimmers are given varying amounts of time to swim by age group — from 30 minutes (8 & under) to 45 minutes (9-12 year olds) and an hour for 13+.

“We had a range of about 20-150 laps!” exclaimed Ehlers.

“The kids can use whatever mode they want to get to the other side, and kickboard and noodles are absolutely made use of! Some of them got really creative- we had some make “bikes” out of noodles (picture attached) and others grabbed kickboards and sang as they swam. Afterwards we have a bagel, banana, and chocolate milk breakfast (all for post-workout recovery).

No final tally yet on the amount raised because donations can be collected until next Thursday — “But we have broken $1,000 from the flat pledges alone!” reported Ehlers.

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