PHOTOS: South Orange Businesses Parade Their Seton Hall Pirate Pride

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On Thursday dozens of merchants and partners throughout South Orange were showing their Pirate Pride by sporting special T shirts provided by the South Orange Village Center Alliance (SOVCA).

It’s all in honor of the Seton Hall Men’s Basketball team, which beat Villanova at Madison Square Garden on Saturday to take the Big East Championship. (Read ESPN’s story here.)

Thursday night, the men’s team face Gonzaga in Denver in the NCAA tournament. (The Lady Pirates will meet Duquesne on Saturday, March 19, in Connecticut for the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.)

Fans will be flocking to their favorite restaurant or bar to watch the game live at 10 p.m. (eastern daylight savings time).

As both teams advance, look for SOVCA to ramp up Pirate Pride activities and promotions in town. Kitchen a la Mode is hosting its own deal: “We’re offering 20% off all blue items in the store for as long as the men’s and women’s team stay in the tournament,” said owner Ben Salmon. “We’re turning South Orange blue to root for the Pirates!”

All of South Orange is behind the Pirates as they perform on the national stage. We’re proud to be their hometown fans and both merchants and residents are excited to see them play and win,” said SOVCA Chair Matt Glass.

Check out our photo gallery below; click on any photo to begin.


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