Two Towns Triathlon for Kids a Big Success

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From the South Orange and Maplewood recreation departments:

Two Towns Triathlon 2016 Winners

149 children between the ages of 7 and 14 participated in the 3rd Annual Two Towns Triathlon for Kids on Saturday, June 18. (See full results here.)

The event was held in and around South Orange’s Meadowland Park with kids swimming laps in the South Orange Pool, biking through Meadowland Park and the West Montrose Neighborhood, and finishing the race by running laps around the duck pond. Racers were timed from beginning to end of the triathlon. Gold and Silver medals were awarded for 1st and 2nd place for boys and girls in each age group.

Female Medalists:
Celia Mann, Age 7-8, Gold – South Orange
Amanda Smartt, Age 7-8, Silver – South Orange
Sasha Sullivan, Age 9-10, Gold – South Orange
Molly Hurly, Age 9-10, Silver – Maplewood
Maya Glenn, Age 11-12, Gold – Maplewood
Cassandra Ratkevich, Age 11-12 Silver – Maplewood
Sophie Lawrence, Age 13-14, Gold – South Orange
Sophie Berenberg, Age 13-14, Silver – Maplewood

Male Medalists:
Kalyan Rochette, Age 7-8, Gold – South Orange
Finn Salzmann, Age 7-8, Silver – South Orange
Max Larson, Age 9-10, Gold – South Orange
Luca Gongloff, Age 9-10, Silver – South Orange
Tyler Headley, Age 11-12, Gold – South Orange
Henry Elliott, Age 11-12, Silver – Maplewood
Andrew Brown, Age 13-14, Gold – Maplewood
Jack Lindstrom, Age 13-14, Silver – Maplewood

See full results here. Congratulations to the winners, the finishers, and everyone who tried!

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