Brownlee Resigns from Maplewood Township Committee

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Marlon K. Brownlee made a surprise announcement Tuesday that he will be resigning from the Maplewood Township Committee, on which he has served for two terms. His will serve through August 31, 2016.

Brownlee had said in February that he would not run for a third term; he would have served through the end of the year.

Township counsel Roger Desiderio explained to the township committee what happens next: the TC sends a notice to the Maplewood Democratic Committee, which then has  15 days from the vacancy to submit three candidates for replacement. The TC then has 15 days to select someone to replace Brownlee.

Township Committeewoman India Larrier asked Desiderio whether the current Democratic candidate, Frank McGehee, must be excluded from that list of names. Desiderio said no.

In heartfelt remarks, Brownlee thanked his fellow committee members as well as the members of the administration, some of whom were clearly caught off guard and saddened by his announcement. Brownlee’s colleagues spoke of how they would miss his integrity and commitment, as they wished him well in his “next chapter.”

The Village Green will have a full story, as well as Brownlee’s remarks, in a story to come.

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