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Former Pres. Doug Newman Endorses Sheena Collum for SO Village President

Sheena Collum

On Tuesday, May 12, I urge all South Orange residents to vote for Sheena Collum to serve our community as our next Village President. Sheena is without question the best suited candidate for this position. As our next Village President, she will leverage and contribute to our future her incredibly strong, long record of local, civic volunteerism and commitment, her related education and professional experience, and a level of passion that’s frankly unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met in South Orange.

Over the course of Sheena’s tenure in South Orange, she has volunteered for countless initiatives to improve our community, culminating in her decision to run for and serve as Village Trustee, after being elected in May 2013. Whether running a successful fundraiser for the South Orange Rescue Squad, launching a National Night Out event attracting 800 residents, jumpstarting the revitalization of Irvington Avenue’s business district now, proactively chairing the Board of Trustee’s Public Safety Committee, or her commitment to new programs and transportation for senior citizens, anyone who’s worked with Sheena knows she gives everything she does her all.

An honors graduate of Seton Hall University, Sheena has a Bachelors in Political Science and Masters in Public Administration. And, shortly after moving to South Orange 14 years ago, she launched the Village Liaisons Committee to better connect our community with our university, while serving as the President of Seton Hall’s Student Government Association.

Professionally, Sheena is the Executive Director of the American Planning Association in New Jersey, which is dedicated to providing leadership in the development of vital communities by advocating excellence in community planning, promoting citizen empowerment, and providing the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change. Importantly, she routinely works with elected officials, government, and other agencies across New Jersey.

Beyond these well demonstrated credentials, Sheena will bring to this important job two qualities only the spot light of past public service can demonstrate: the important ability to coalesce people to build consensus towards mutually shared goals and unimpeachable ethics and integrity.

I know firsthand, having served as Village President during 2007-2011, how important these qualities are, the challenges local government routinely encounters, and what’s required to get the job done. And, I appreciate the deep understanding and commitment to our community, the planning skills, fiscal discipline, and time commitment that’s required for a volunteer resident to contribute and advocate for our entire community.

Sheena clearly has what it takes to lead our community. She’s knowledgeable about the issues and challenges facing South Orange, solution-oriented, and committed to serving the public good on behalf of her fellow residents.

Please learn more about Sheena and her Trustee running mates at www.SouthOrange2015.com. And, join me to elect Sheena Collum as Village President on Tuesday, May 12, by voting for Row B – South Orange 2015.

Douglas Newman
South Orange Village President 2007 – 2011

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