Frank McGehee & Mike Summersgill Throw-Down at Rent Party on Friday!

by The Village Green
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The following is from Rent Party:

The folks at Rent Party are no stranger to local politics.

Who can forget last year’s hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll questionnaire to the Maplewood Township Committee candidates? Rent Party asked and got the answers to tough questions like “Who Was Your Favorite Monkee and Why …” and “Which rock star best captures your political philosophy?”

Many political analysts felt that this questionnaire may, in fact, have cost Jerry Ryan the election and Ryan agrees. “Let’s face it,” Ryan said in a recent interview, “I was ready for questions about the post office, but wasn’t prepared to answer the questions that mattered to local voters. I also think admitting that ELP was my first concert hurt me too.”

Rent Party will once again put themselves squarely at the center of this year’s Maplewood Township Committee election, inviting candidates Frank McGehee and Mike Summersgill to be guest bartenders at this Friday night’s show at The Woodland.

“Look,” said Rent Party founder Chris Dickson, “We like debates and kissing babies just as much as the next guy, but this is a way to see how responsive these candidates are to the (beverage) needs of their constituency and how well they respond under pressure.” Dickson added that the tip jar will replace the ballot box Friday night, but wants to remind everyone that those results will only be “semi-official, well, kind of … We’ll let you know.”

McGehee is excited to jump behind the bar, doing his impersonation of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. “I am looking forward to serving our community in all capacities now and in the future including at Rent Party on Friday night. Wonderful cause,” exclaimed McGehee.

Summersgill, who chose not to use campaign lawns signs said, “Rent Party lawn signs are the only lawn signs I like. I’ll be practicing trickle down bartending. A raised glass lifts us all.”

Rent Party is a once-a-month live music event at The Woodland. The proceeds from these shows help fight hunger in Maplewood-South Orange. Rent Party is a 501(c)(3). For more information, visit



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