Rent Party Asks Maplewood TC Candidates the ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ Questions

by The Village Green
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Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” – Charles de Gaulle

Rent Party is getting serious about politics, asking hard-hitting questions and looking for answers from the three candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. “Quite honestly,” said Rent Party founder Chris Dickson, “We just couldn’t listen to one more question about the post office!” So Rent Party asked the three candidates, Nancy Adams, Greg Lembrich and Jerry Ryan ten rock ‘n’ roll questions that voters need to know the answers to before they cast their votes on Tuesday. “We thought it would be a chance for folks to see these guys in a different light. And they all were incredibly receptive to the idea! The whole thing was a lot of fun.”

Favorite Monkee and why …

Nancy – When I was young, Davey. But as I got older, I liked Peter better for his shy intelligence. (And he was cute too.)

Jerry – Mickey Dolenz. He always made me laugh and because I met him once. At Mount Airy Lodge. Don’t judge me.

Greg – So hard to pick just one, but I’ll go with Michael Nesmith.  Got to give it to the guy whose mom invented white-out, right?

First concert you ever saw …

Jerry – Not counting high school garage bands?  Emerson Lake and Palmer

Greg – First real concert was Steve Miller Band at Garden State Arts Center.  As a teenager I got a pretty great contact high just sitting on the lawn at that one.

Nancy – Aerosmith in Rochester at the War Memorial. Didn’t really like them, but I had a crush on the guy who I went with.

If you had to take a six hour road trip, what rock star living or dead would you want riding shotgun?

Greg – Bruce Springsteen, hands down.  But if The Boss is unavailable, I’d invite John Hiatt. He’d be awesome too.

Nancy – Paul Simon. We could sing all his songs together since I know all the words.

Jerry – Springsteen. No contest.

Best Saturday/Sunday morning album

Nancy – CSNY Deja Vu

Jerry – On a lazy morning I would have something acoustic or classical in the background to keep it lazy. Maybe listen to Natalie Merchant sing Like The Weather on a cold and a rainy day.

Greg – Van Morrison’s “Moondance”

Beatles/Stones/Kinks/Who- which one and why? Write in alternates allowed. 

Jerry – The Who. Love the energy.

Greg – Can’t deny the brilliance of the Beatles, but I prefer to listen to the Stones these days if I have to pick between them.

Nancy – Beatles. Because they are better than all the other ones.

Which rock star best captures your political philosophy?

Jerry – Springsteen. No contest.

Greg – Bruce Springsteen, “Nobody wins unless everybody wins”

Nancy – Dylan.

Which concert or performance do you wish you attended?

Greg – Sam Cooke at the Harlem Square Club in ’63.

Nancy – I have two and, hopefully, I still will have a chance: Springsteen and Paul McCartney

Jerry – I wish I’d seen The Talking Heads.

Best use of song in a movie or TV show

Nancy – Gotta go with Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees for Saturday Night Fever. Can’t beat that connection between the walk and the song.

Jerry – Lots of choices here, but something about “Steal My Sunshine” in “Go” always makes me laugh

Greg – Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” in Almost Famous; the “Tiny Dancer” scene seems to be the one most people remember, but as a college kid in NYC when the film came out it was that one that really got me

Name a song to which you know every word. 

Jerry – Every Breath You Take

Greg – “Rosalita” (I have been repeating “Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny” at various moments throughout the campaign)

Nancy – There are so many. Um … Graceland

What is the best regular, charitable rock and roll event held in downtown Maplewood?

Greg – Saved the easiest one for last: Rent Party!

Nancy – Rent Party (I ain’t no fool!).

Jerry – Easy question, there, Rent Party!

Rent Party is a once-a-month live music event at The Woodland in Maplewood. The proceeds from the shows help fight hunger in the community. For more information about Rent Party visit


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