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Maplewood Township Committee to Propose 50′ Height Limit for Post Office Plan

Relief may be in site for proponents of a slightly smaller development at the site of the Maplewood Village post office.

The Village Green has received a memo that indicates that the Maplewood Township Committee will propose that the height of the development should not exceed 50 feet at its highest point. Previously, the developer, JMF Properties, had requested an increase to 53 feet.

The memo notes that the current redevelopment plan allows for a maximum height of 45 feet plus a 3.5 feet parapet for a total of 48.5 feet.

In addition, JMF is no longer asking for a parapet on the roof. The memo notes that if JMF wants to add an architectural feature on the corner that exceeds the height limitations, a variance from the planning board will be needed.

There are no further proposed changes to the redevelopment plan, per the memo.

The Township Committee is meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall to hold a hearing and final vote on an ordinance to approve amendments to the Post Office redevelopment plan as well as a hearing and final vote on an ordinance to grant the developer of the Post Office site a 5-year tax abatement (PILOT).


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