Government Maplewood Landscaper Association to File Injunction Against Maplewood Leaf Blower Ban

An association representing landscape companies is planning to file for an injunction against Maplewood’s new leaf blower ordinance, according to a report by

“We are already planning to file an injunction,”, Gail Woolcott, the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association’s director of operations, told NJ Advance Media Thursday. “That will at least stall them from being able to enact the ordinance.”

The ordinance, which was passed unanimously last week by the Maplewood Township Committee, bans the use of gas-powered leaf blowers by commercial contractors between May 15 and September 30 each year. It also limits the hours of use for leaf blowers for both residents and contractors year round. See the ordinance below.

Woolcott told Village Green today that “the paperwork has already gotten started” so should the association should be filing for the injunction shortly. She said that the NJLCA hoped to have the injunction in place before May 15 (the start of the ban) in order to avoid impacting landscapers’ contracts with customers for the season.

Woolcott told that the ordinance will make jobs take longer and raise prices. She also said it is unfair in that in targets landscapers while allowing residents to continue to use leaf blowers.

However, Mayor Victor DeLuca defended the ban against that charge to and at the TC meeting last week by saying that contractors need only worried about pleasing their customers and are not subject to pressure from neighbors like residents are. DeLuca and other TC members also said that landscapers had abused the use of the blowers and often would blast a property with three blowers simultaneously.

Read Village Green’s coverage of the hearing and vote here.

Read the Maplewood Green Team subcommittee’s report on leaf blowers here.

Read a dissenting opinion from a subcommittee member here.

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