POLL: How Will You Spend Inauguration Weekend?

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Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, following an extremely divisive election, and a tumultuous several weeks since.

Locals are divided on whether they will watch the historic event or give it a pass. “Although I don’t support the President-elect, I feel compelled to watch it. It’s a part of American history,” said one South Orange resident.

For those who choose to skip it, there are some alternatives. One local woman has matched up volunteers with a slew of local organizations for a day of service on Friday. An event at Prospect Presbyterian Church will feature speakers and music.

On Saturday, many locals will be attending the historic Women’s March in Washington DC; others will be marching and gathering in other cities across the country including New York City and Trenton.

Some folks — including Village Green’s editors and some friends — plan to stay closer to home and watch the DC March at St. James’s Gate Publick House on Saturday afternoon. (Feel free to stop by and join us for a beer or two!)

How do you plan to spend this historic weekend? Take our thoroughly unscientific poll:

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