Maplewood TC to Choose Interim Replacement for Brownlee on Sept. 6

by The Village Green
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The Maplewood Township Committee will select one of three candidates to fill the remaining three months of Marlon K. Brownlee’s term at its September 6 meeting, said Mayor Vic DeLuca.

The three candidates, previously chosen by the Maplewood Democratic Committee, are Amy Jo Curran, Ian Grodman, Garnet Hall.

Brownlee announced on August 2 that he will be resigning from the Township Committee, on which he has served for two terms. His will serve through August 31, 2016. Brownlee had said in February that he would not run for a third term; he would have served through the end of the year.

The new TC member will serve from Sept. 1 – December 31, 2016.

In terms of who will fill Brownlee’s seat for the upcoming term, Democrat Frank McGehee and Republican Mike Summersgill each won their respective primaries to be on the ballot in the November 8 general election. Whoever wins the election will take the seat on January 1, 2017.

DeLuca explained the process:

1. Each candidate has sent in her/his resume or bio and a paragraph as to why she/he would like to serve on the TC for the next four months.

2. On Tuesday, September 6th, the TC will meet in closed session with each candidate for ten minutes. The TC meeting will be at the Police and Courts Building at 1618 Springfield Avenue.

For the first five minutes each candidate will present why she/he would be the best choice for the vacancy, what she/he hopes to accomplish in the next four months, and what future plans she/he might have to be a candidate for the TC. The balance of time will be for TC questions.

We will do the interviews in alphabetical order by last name.

6:00pm – Amy Jo Curran
6:12pm – Ian Grodman
6:25pm – Garnet Hall

3. At the conclusion of the interviews the TC will continue to meet in closed to discuss the candidates.

4. At 7:00pm the TC will meet in closed to discuss regular business.

5. At 7:30pm the TC will meet in open session. The first agenda item will be to fill the Township Committee vacancy created by the resignation of Marlon Brownlee.

6. Each candidate will be asked to come to the microphone, in alphabetical order, to introduce her/himself to the public and state her/his experiences and desire to serve on the TC. Each should keep her/his intro to no more than 3 minutes.

7. The TC will the choose the person to fill the vacancy.

8. The person chosen will be sworn onto the Township Committee by the Clerk and join the TC for the balance of the meeting.

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