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1923 to Present: Members of the Maplewood Township Committee

2019 Maplewood Township Committee: Dean Dafis, Nancy Adams, Mayor Vic DeLuca, Deputy Mayor Frank McGehee and Greg Lembrich

Maplewood will be celebrating 100 years of its formation as a Township in 2022. In the meantime, the Township recently posted a list of all the members of the Township Committee from 1923 to the present on its website at

Former Township Committee member Noel S. Siegel — who himself served from 1979 to 1991 — brought the list to Village Green’s attention. Wrote Siegel, “As you can see, the earlier names appear to have been listed somewhat randomly. Eventually they were organized with the Mayor being first and Vice Mayor (now referred to as Deputy Mayor) second; officially, of course, these individuals are voted into office by the five elected Township Committee Members as Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively. The other three committeemen (committeewomen) are then placed in rank by their initial date of current (uninterrupted) service.”

Noted Siegel, “The governing body, having formed in 1923, is now only 4 years ’til its 100 year anniversary.”

Download (PDF, 85KB)

Maplewood Township Committee 2015: India Larrier, Jerry Ryan, Mayor Vic DeLuca, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Leventhal, Marlon K. Brownlee

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