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Free Maplewood Eco House and Yard Tour on September 16

From the Maplewood Green Team:


Sunday, September 16, 2018; Houses open between: 1:00 – 4:00 pm 


Ten different Maplewood locations on the self-guided tour.  Review the interactive tour map: ParticipatingHomes

Visit the event page: 


Brought to you by the Maplewood Green Team, this free, self-guided Eco House and Yard Tour will showcase up to ten local yards/gardens and homes that demonstrate sustainability. Learn about green living by visiting real life examples in your own neighborhood.  Solar panels, energy saving geo-thermal insulation, water saving drip irrigation, pollinator gardens, organic food gardening, native landscaping, stormwater gardens and composting are among the green projects that will be on view.  Homeowners will share their personal experiences and knowledge.  Select houses will have experts on hand to answer technical questions. “The Eco Tour is one of my favorite green team events. In addition to being a great way to learn what is involved in a green project, it’s a lot of fun,” said Green Team Chair Tracey Woods.  She added “One thing that I’m looking forward to checking out this year is the new residential Geothermal Installation that is going to be on the tour.”


The Maplewood Green Team will showcase money and planet saving sustainability projects in practice.  By visiting a house or garden that has adopted eco-friendly features, tour goers will:

  • Look at a compost bin in action and see that compost doesn’t stink but will produce nutrient rich garden soil.
  • Watch yard plants get watered by themselves and learn that drip irrigation is affordable and easy to install.
  • Push a “reel mower” around the yard and try it out.  Reel mowers are easy to use, even on hills.
  • Talk to homeowners about green technologies like solar installations and geo-thermal or blown-in insulation to learn how much energy these elements are producing and/or saving.
  • Ask questions about organic gardening and native landscaping.


The Maplewood Green Team’s mission is to promote sustainability throughout the town by implementing plans and programs that support the mission.  Maplewood Township is a recognized environmental leader in New Jersey.  Maplewood is a model town in the state-wide Sustainable Jersey program and has been certified since 2009.    |  Facebook

 Interviews/Photos:  Kristy Ranieri, [email protected]; 973.762.1510

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