Maplewood Township Releases Updated Statement on Pool Incident That Sickened Children

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On Saturday July 17, numerous families reported that their small children became sick after a strong chlorine smell accompanied by rushing pool jets and a plume of green/brown water appeared in the main pool of the Maplewood Community Pool complex. Children were taken to urgent care and hospital emergency rooms with vomiting, coughing, blue lips, lethargy and trouble breathing. Maplewood Township followed up Sunday, June 18, with a second statement on the incident admitting that “some experienced a strong smell of chorine” but not specifically identifying what made children sick, while assuring the public that the pool would safely reopen Sunday, July 18. Village Green is continuing to follow up.

From Maplewood Township:

Good morning

This email serves as a follow up regarding the event which occurred yesterday afternoon at our township pool.

As previously communicated, a malfunction occurred yesterday afternoon at the pool resulting in a sediment release. This malfunction was within the filtration system and it is being monitored on a regular basis.  As a result some experienced a sudden smell of chlorine as the filter was restarted.  We deeply apologize that this malfunction occurred and we are working with a third-party vendor, CFM, on testing and a retrospective evaluation regarding yesterday’s malfunction.

In addition, our health officer has contacted the families impacted by the malfunction and we will work with them.

This morning we conducted 2 more pool chemistry level tests, our standard operating tests/evaluation as well as additional tests by the 3rd party to ensure that our pool is within the normal limits. These tests came back with readings that communicated that the pool chemistry is within normal limits.

We have worked closely with a third party contractor and have specifically identified what occurred and we know why it occurred. Furthermore, we have taken all the necessary steps to fix the problem and we have been assured that based on the contractors actions and our follow up procedures this will not happen again.

As a result the pool will be open today and we will increase the number of our daily standard tests and monitoring to ensure the safety of all residents and patrons.

Again we apologize that this malfunction occurred yesterday.

If you have any questions please contact us at

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