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SOMA Action Joining NYC Tax March Demanding Trump’s Returns April 15

From SOMA Action:

South Orange-Maplewood is mobilizing to join thousands in NYC to demand President Trump’s tax returns on April 15.

Donald J. Trump promised throughout the 2016 campaign to release his tax returns, following a precedent set by every president and presidential candidate in American history since President Nixon. The release of tax returns is an essential tradition in American democracy—it demonstrates that presidential nominees do not have conflicts of interests that would prevent them from fulfilling their duties as President. Trump has resisted intense pressure to release them, thereby hiding his financial ties, business dealings, and potential conflicts of interest. Trump also promised to separate himself from his business interests, but there is no publicly available evidence that he has done so.

On April 15, Tax Day, citizens around the country, and in countries around the world, will march to demand that Trump release his tax returns. Until we see these returns, we cannot be certain that the president is not personally profiting from the policies he is proposing, or that foreign governments don’t have leverage over him that can be used to influence American policy. The integrity of American democracy is at stake here, and Congress has not done its job in defending it. “What is he hiding?,” asks SOMA Action member said Michael Paris. “Our democracy cannot function with this kind of secrecy. Trump’s businesses around the world raise so many questions about whether his policies serve the national interest or his own bottom line.”

SOMA Action will hold a local “Rally for Trump’s Returns” at 10:15 am in Ricalton Square, Maplewood Town Center, and then ride the 10:54 train to NY, to Bryant Park, where the NYC national Tax Day March begins at 1 p.m.

For more information, contact Amy Higer, SOMA Action coordinator for National Tax Day: [email protected].

SOMA Action is an organization of 700+ members from South Orange, Maplewood, and surrounding communities formed after the 2016 Presidential election. It is committed to a progressive agenda of social and environmental justice, transparency in government, and the value of a diverse and inclusive community. See us on Facebook:

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