PHOTOS: Village President’s Birthday Party Brings in Food, Money for OLS Pantry

by The Village Green
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Photo by Kate Cahill

Photo by Kate Cahill

South Orange Village President Sheena Collum likes to party.

But the always civic-minded Collum also likes to support her community. So, for her birthday this past week, Collum organized a “Party with a Purpose,” asking locals to join her at Ricalton’s Village Tavern for some drinks and cake — while also beseeching them to bring along some food and cash for the Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry in South Orange.

The plan was a success on multiple levels. As documented in the photos (see below), the party was a blast.

And the pantry?

“We collected $740 in cash and checks,” said Kate Cahill of the OLS Food Pantry. “In terms of food we completely filled an SUV, so several  hundred pounds of food too. We are very happy as the food was all good (nothing odd or expired) and the cash paid for a bunch of turkeys the next morning.”

Cahill mentioned that the pantry served 276 people the morning after the party, most of whom were registered for a turkey.

Collum was effusive on Facebook:

“It was great celebrating with the community and also raising a lot of money and food items for the Food Pantry at Our Lady or Sorrows. The work Kate Cahill and many volunteers do to help those in need should be celebrated and supported every day. I’m so truly grateful to live in such a remarkable, caring and generous community and having the honor to serve as your Village President makes it feel like every day is my birthday.”

To sign up to donate to or volunteer at the Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry in South Orange, NJ, visit here.

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