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PHOTOS: River Day 2015 Draws Crowds to South Orange

Hundreds of people flocked to the banks of the Rahway River in South Orange on Sunday for the fifth annual River Day, a community gathering to clean up the river, celebrate South Orange, and promote environmental education and awareness.

On a gorgeous May afternoon, participants rolled up their sleeves to clean trash from the river and its banks. In addition, people enjoyed food, yoga, music and other activities.

River Day is sponsored by the South Orange Environmental Commission. The Commission and its volunteers, the Green Team, are dedicated to improving the safety and quality of life in South Orange.

South Orange Trustee Walter Clarke, one of the event’s organizers, said this was likely the biggest turnout the event had ever had.

“I know we broke all our previous records for amount of trash removed,” said Clarke. “This year we filled four of the DPW’s one ton trucks. Four tons! That is twice what we did last year and a testament to hundreds of people working together towards a common goal.”

Clarke said the water level was a little lower than usual, allowing for greater access, especially at the southern end of the river. “That combined with a larger number of volunteers and perfect weather is probably responsible for the extra large haul of trash. I’m so proud of our community!” said Clarke.

Enjoy our photo gallery; click on any photo to begin the gallery. Thank you to Trustee Sheena Collum for allowing The Village Green to use some of her photos of the event.

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