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South Orange 2015 Ticket Launches Campaign Website

The South Orange 2015 ticket, consisting of Village President candidate (and current South Orange Trustee) Sheena Collum and her Trustee running mates Deborah Davis Ford, Howard Levison and Mark Rosner, announced the launch of their campaign website Monday.

“When we were beta testing our site last night, one of my friends said, ‘that’s a whole lot of information to throw at people!’ and I had to laugh,” said Collum in a press release. “It is a lot of information because issues are complex and I’m not very good at a sound bite anyway. I believe the first step with any important topic is understanding context and history, followed by what’s currently being done and then ultimately, what needs to happen next.”

The website features bios of the trustee candidates and of Collum, a vision statement, platform items, opportunities on how to support the campaign, dates for meet and greets throughout town, contact information for the candidates and an online blog.

“Each week I will be blogging about various issues in more detail that are raised over the next four weeks and that’s what makes the site dynamic,” Collum said. “We’re responding to what people want us to speak to. I also really encourage neighbors to attend our campaign events. We had one in the Farrell Field Park area and one in the South Mountain area this past week which were both really well attended and we have ten more confirmed with more being added every day.”

Residents may visit the South Orange 2015 Facebook page for updates, photos and videos.

Collum is running against newcomer Emily Hynes for Village President. Davis Ford, Levison and Rosner all are running unopposed for re-election as Trustees.

The South Orange Municipal election is on Tuesday, May 12.

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