South Orange Police Stepping Up Traffic Enforcement With Return to School

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From the South Orange Police Department on August 30, 2022:


The South Orange Maplewood School District will reopen on the 8th of September, and Seton Hall University students have returned to campus and off campus housing, South Orange officers are concentrating on traffic enforcement near the areas of all schools in town in order to get drivers refocused on the fact that the student population will be back in the streets with a heavier pedestrian presence.

Patrol Officers are focusing their traffic enforcement on distracted driving and moving violations:

  • Speeding (School zone and the downtown area)
  • Distracted driving of any type (Cell phone use – calls, texting, browsing social media, eating/drinking, or any other behavior that would reasonably distract a driver and create the elements of Careless Driving)
  • Failure to obey traffic control devices of any type (Traffic lights, Stop signs, One Way,
  • Parking limitations around schools, etc.)
  • Failure to yield for pedestrians or crossing guards in crosswalks

Special details will begin early in the morning and continue throughout the times that would most reflect when children are going in and out of schools.

Drivers should drive slowly and watch for children in school zones. The first couple of weeks usually take a bit longer for drop-offs and pick-ups until everyone adjusts to the new traffic patterns.

Please be patient if things take longer than expected, our utmost priority is the safety of the community.


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