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South Orange Teen’s Car Crushed by Falling Ice in Manhattan

Coltrane Nadler’s crushed car. Courtesy of Leslie Goldman.

Coltrane Nadler is one lucky man.

The 18-year-old was rounding the corner in SoHo on Tuesday when he saw his parked car get crushed by falling ice from the 21-story apartment building above.

Despite the fact that the sidewalk was crowded, no one was injured.

The car, however, is not in great shape. “Seton Towing came and picked up the car from my driveway earlier and delivered it to Modern Autobody on Valley. We are waiting to see what insurance will cover and possible retribution from the luxury high rise that the ice fell from,” Coltrane’s mom Leslie Goldman told Village Green. (AAA towed the car back from the city on Tuesday night.)

Goldman also posted on Facebook that Coltrane reported the incident to her as follows: “Mom, something bad happened. The car was in an accident.” Coltrane was in the city recording and producing music.

According to news reports, the New York City Buildings Department issued a violation to the owner of the apartment building for “failure to maintain the building in a safe and code-compliant manner.” (Apparently a water leak on the roof led to the ice buildup, say officials.) The incident also prompted the NYC Buildings Department to issue a reminder to property owners to clear buildings of snow and ice.

Meanwhile, Coltrane has made local and international news (the Daily Mail called him “one cool customer”!). See some of the coverage here:




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