Bone Pool Radio Invites You To ‘Quarantine Karaoke’ From Your Own Home

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The steady flow of cancelled or postponed concert events due to the pandemic has left music aficionados around the globe in silence. The rich music scene of Maplewood and South Orange has become uncomfortably quiet.

So that’s when Bone Pool Radio, Maplewood’s indie rock station, decided to take matters into their own hands. BPR’s owner and founder Michelle Lomuscio gathered up the station’s DJ staff (commonly referred to as the “Pooligans”) to figure out what they could do to keep the community entertained while social distancing. BPR DJ Frank McKeon cooked up the portmanteau “Quaraoke” – short for “Quarantine Karaoke.”

“The last week has been incredibly stressful for all of us,” says McKeon, who has been the host of the FM Show. “We can’t go anywhere. We’re stuck at home. We need an excuse to blow off some steam. And who doesn’t love karaoke!”

Image Design by Frank McKeon

So New Jersey’s “Ultimate Indie Rock Station” is putting out the call for you to record yourself singing karaoke during this time of social distancing and email it to them at  Then you can tune in to Bone Pool Radio for a chance to hear yourself singing on the radio.

“Almost instantaneously, everyone’s world and routine has been thrown sideways,” says Timmy Smith, who DJs “Timmy Smith’s Digital Mixtape” on BPR. “Quaraoke – to me – feels like a fun exercise ‘finding merriment within the madness’. If our world is gonna be out of tune for a few measures anyways – may as well sing along with it!”

Bone Pool Radio went on the air in July 2018 and hosts an array of radio shows and spins indie rock tunes and more 24 hours a day.

You can find more BPR information on their websiteInstagram, and Facebook. You can also download the free BPR app available at the App Store or Google Play. You can find them on iHeartRadio, download the FREE Alexa Skill, or listen to us directly from our station’s website

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