Meet Sportswriter Jerry Barca & NY Giant Mark Bavaro at Words Bookstore Oct 13

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New Jersey sportswriter and West Orange native Jerry Barca will be at Words Bookstore on Thursday, October 13 to speak about his latest book, Big Blue Wrecking Crewthat tells the story of the ’86 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. Accompanying him will be the legendary tight end of the ’86 Giants, Mark Bavaro.

The book “tells the story of the 1986 New York Giants and how that franchise went from being an embarrassing loser to winning their first Super Bowl Championship in team history,” Barca told Village Green in a phone interview. Barca spent years researching and conducting hundreds of interviews to get the inside story of how the team was able to climb from the bottom to win the Championship.

As for Bavaro’s guest appearance, Barca described how he became connected with the beloved New York legend: “I spent about five and a half hours with him [in interviews.] When you’re fact checking and have constant communication with the subjects about the process, you develop a relationship with them.” Bavaro is one of the many invaluable characters Barca developed this kind of relationship with while digging into the unforgettable season. His presence at the event adds an entire new level of excitement for sports fans and readers.

Readers and fans will get an inside look into the team’s history. Barca is excited to share the story with the area he calls home: “As an Essex County and Seton Hall Prep kid, I love going back up and being able to share this on a personal level. It’s special to me. But for the fans, they get to see Mark Bavaro in the flesh and see one of the characters that really brought it all together.”

Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to dive into the Giant’s history with Jerry Barca and meet one of the players who made it possible.




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