‘Mustang Sally’s Now’ Seeks to Empower Local Women

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Mustang Sally's Now

Women readers, have you ever felt overwhelmed, overlooked or dis-respected when seeking to purchase a car or talking to a mechanic? Has this feeling followed you into other areas of your life?

If the answer is yes, a new free program called Mustang Sally’s Now may be for you.

In an effort to empower women, Maplecrest Ford Lincoln (on Springfield Avenue in Union just before the ramp to Rte. 24) has announced the creation of Mustang Sally’s Now, a monthly series of workshops, speakers and panels designed to build confidence and connections with other women.

The first workshop will take place on March 11 from 6:00-8:00 PM at Maplecrest Ford Lincoln at 2800 Springfield Avenue. The topic will be “A Trip to the Island of Conocos: A Journey to Uncover Your Professional Strengths.”

To register, contact Marissa DeFeo at mdefeo@teammaplecrest.com or call 908-964-7700 ext. 5566.

Additional Mustang Sally’s Now will be held the second Wednesday of each month with featured speakers announced just prior. According to a release, each Mustang Sally’s Now session will focus on professional skill building areas such as negotiation, financial skills and best communications practices.

While there is no charge for the workshops, attendees are invited to make a voluntary contribution to United Way of Northern NJ Women’s Leadership Council, a group dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in our communities.

“The goal in creating Mustang Sally’s Now is for women to feel comfortable in taking charge in all aspects of their lives,” Stephen Giordano, President and Owner, Maplecrest Ford Lincoln. “We are committed to providing women with the tools and resources to be more confident and informed about the entire car buying and service process so that they feel empowered to negotiate.”

Mustang Sally’s Now will provide networking opportunities, combining large-scale discussions led by leading professional female executives with small group conversations so that “participants have a chance to share professional experiences and collaborate on work-related challenges.” Participants will also “identify their leadership strengths and learn how to identify the strengths of others in order to promote stronger communication.”

Jen Miller, Head of Brand Transformation & Consumer Experience at Maplecrest Ford Lincoln, will lead the inaugural seminar.

Miller has spent 10 years as a strategic consultant for Fortune 500 companies, small/mid-sized businesses. Miller began her career in sports marketing spearheading several national and international marketing initiatives for Nike, World Cup USA ’94 and The Women’s Sports Foundation. Miller currently serves as Vice President of Women In Sports and Events (WISE), a women’s networking organization, and serves as National Chair of WISE Within, the organization’s mentor program. Miller also is on the Board of Directors for the Union Township Chamber of Commerce and sits on the United Way’s Northern NJ Women’s Leadership Council Steering Committee.

“Mustang Sally’s Now is about empowering women to be their best,” added Miller. For years, women have removed themselves from the car purchase and service process because they felt they didn’t have the negotiation or financial skills. Personally, it is a legacy I want to leave for my three daughters about building confidence in all aspects of life.”


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