Sanitary Sewer Work to Begin at Former Post Office Aug. 10

by The Village Green
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From Maplewood Township:

The Township is reviewing final construction and installation plans for first phase of work on the sanitary sewer line that services existing businesses and residences along Maplewood Avenue. Absent necessary changes, the work will begin next week on Wednesday, August 10th. The work will take place in the parking lot behind Maplewood Avenue, on the block bounded by the Arturo’s and Village Coffee buildings. This first phase will take about 8 days, and will end on or about August 18 or 19.

For the first two days, August 10 and 11, all parking will remain available on the north and east portions of the Village Coffee lot, but there will be no access to the parking lot from Baker Street. Pedestrians and vehicles can access the lot only from Maplewood Avenue.

During the next six days of construction, about August 12-18, there will be no parking available in that lot behind those buildings, on either side. But parking will remain available in the north portion of the lot, adjacent to the north side of the Village Coffee building. Again, during these six days, access to the lot will be restricted to the Maplewood Avenue entrance.

When this phase is completed, on about August 18, access to the lot, and parking within it, will be fully restored until the second phase of this work.

The second phase of this project will not begin until mid-November, after the pedestrian walkway is removed and parking is restored along the new building.


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